Pleasuria Early Praise!

Humbled and grateful for all the Pleasuria early praise — thank you, fellow authors and experts!

“Think of the pharmaceutical industry as a collection of cautious chemists in lab coats? Think again! John J. Jessop’s Pleasuria: Take as Directed offers a wild ride from the Research Triangle to Washington, DC, with a novice private investigator trying to connect the dots between a plane crash, a deadly fall from a high-rise, a NASCAR wreck, and a group of men and women with bizarre sexual responses. You may never again pop a pill with confidence!”  Henry G. Brinton, author of City of Peace

“Take one amateur PI in a serious midlife crisis, men and women afflicted with inexplicable sexual hallucinations and relentless hyper-stimulation of orgasmic proportions, add one drug company with a new antidepressant critical to the company’s survival and two attempted murders, and you have the makings for a ripping good story.” – Betsy Ashton, Author, Unintended Consequences and Uncharted Territory, Mad Max Mysteries, Eyes Without A Face

“I hate tongue-in-cheek. I hate it because I can’t write it. Most people can’t write it. When I do, when most of us do, it sounds like we’re trying too hard. Working too hard to be funny, overstating the obvious. John J. Jessop pulls it off. I kept thinking of Ian Fleming and some of his great character names. Now I hate John, because he did something I can’t. Just kidding, I was trying to be… oh, never mind. Just buy his book. It’s good and funny and we need a laugh! “ – William Lobb, author of The Third Step

“Readers interested in a blend of comedy, thriller, and medical mystery will find Pleasuria: Take As Directed just the ticket for an involving, different story that creates a compelling tale that’s hard to put down and satisfyingly fun.” – Midwest Book Review

PLEASURIA is a “who done it” murder-mystery that you don’t want to have solved. Sprinkled with enough levity to effortlessly transition from tragedy to fortune, Jessop has found our pleasure center and we are begging him for more. Take only as directed. – Benjamin H. Berkley, author, IN DEFENSE OF GUILT and AGAINST MY WILL

A very funny novel from John J Jessop. Who wouldn’t want to give up a stable but boring job to become a private investigator! The quirks, antics and aspirations of a middle-aged man in the throes of a mid-life crisis are farcical at times but all the better for it. The Red-Rocket is pure class. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to more from John.”Heike Phelan – Author, Child Convict

There is a mystery within a mystery in this novel.  How will a guy in the midst of a mid-life crisis, who reviews drugs for the FDA and aspires to be private investigator solve his very first case?  His somewhat humorous and circuitous path is reminiscent of Inspector Jacques Clouseau, solving one of the hilarious Pink Panther ‘who done it’ escapades. So take a chill pill and join P.I. Longfellow on his entertaining quest to crack this mystery.  If laughter is the best medicine, then a dose of this should cure your ails.  — Charles Stickler, author of Restorations

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