The 2022 Award Winning Book THE REALTOR’S CURSE


Scientists play around with your DNA, cells, and immune system to make new medicines. What could possibly go wrong? Why Murder, of course.

PLEASURIA, MURDER BY ROAD TRIP, and now available:

THE REALTOR’S CURSE“, by award winning author John J Jessop.


Dr. Jason Longfellow, FDA Drug Reviewer and part-time PI (amateur sleuth)

THE REALTOR’S CURSE, first place winner of The 2022 Firebird Book Award in both Mystery and Humor Categories

THE REALTOR’S CURSE is now Available as eBook and paperback on Amazon , Barnes&Noble and Indiebooks.



Dr. Jason Longfellow, PI and wife Chelsea combine a vacation in Florida with a search for vacation property near the beach. They find their first body on the drive south. While condo hunting, a perky young realtor attacks Jason with a kitchen implement. Why are people in Florida so angry? Then, the bodies really start piling up. In between house-hunting tours, Jason talks Chelsea into enjoying the many recreational opportunities that Florida has to offer, including boating, fishing, kiteboarding, a Harley rental…you get the idea. Jason becomes convinced Florida is trying to kill him. Our amateur sleuth has been at the scene of so many dead bodies, he begins to wonder if he might be the killer. He figures out who the murderer is; Chelsea thinks it’s someone else. Throw in a hurricane, boat chase, alligators galore, and a very friendly manatee, and this makes for non-stop action. Will they ever catch the killer? What does this have to do with killer mosquitoes? It’s medical biotechnology run amok. Florida will never be the same!


Early Endorsements for THE REALTOR’S CURSE

“Alligators, snakes, sharks, amorous manatees, psychotic Florida realtors and bodies turning up everywhere. But never fear. Intrepid, neurotic US Food and Drug Administration functionary and part-time private investigator, the Walter Mitty-esque Dr. Jason Longfellow is on the case. If Miami humorist Dave Berry wrote a book about quixotic, goofball PI’s, it’d read like The Realtor’s Curse.” —Joe Palmer, Author, A Mariner’s Tale

“The search for a Florida condo becomes deadly in this fast-paced and funny novel by John J Jessop. Private investigator Jason Longfellow and his wife Chelsea return to action for the third time, bickering and butting heads as they try to solve a murder mystery and avoid becoming victims themselves. Dark comedy in the Sunshine State!” —Henry G. Brinton, Author, City of Peace

“In this zany who dunnit mystery/comedy Florida is the hot spot where everything that can go wrong does. Jessop brilliantly turns an innocent vacation into absurd comedy. The laughs keep coming until it hurts.” —Benjamin Berkley, Author, Against My Will and In Defense of Guilt



The amateur sleuth that makes Clouseau look like a genius. Just ask his wife:)

MURDER BY ROAD TRIP, Early Amazon review: “Got it yesterday – read it today. Simply could *not* put it down, read it cover to cover in one sitting! Very funny – great escapism!”Marianne O.

Pleasant, cheerful and uplifting. Keeps you reading page after page.K.T. Barnett, Author, The Rose Not Taken

Click on the cover MURDER BY ROAD TRIP, buy the book (ebook or paperback) on Amazon (you know you want to) and figure out whodunit before our amateur PI, if you don’t die laughing first.

Also available at Barnes & Noble and Indie Book Stores 

John J Jessop co-wrote the book MURDER BY ROAD TRIP with his daughter, Jackie. The story was inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime cross-country road trip they took together in 2016. The destinations may be real, but all events in MURDER BY ROAD TRIP are hilariously fictitious.

Hi, I’m Chrissy. Grandpa and Auntie Jackie
wrote a funny book, and I like to read it in the bathtub. It makes me laugh.
Hi, I’m Willow. Mommy rescued me from the shelter, and she and grandpa wrote this very funny book.

Hop in the RV and join Jason and family on a wild and comic cross-country road trip. From a monkey jewel thief, to attack by cuddly comfort animals, to a deadly windshield wiper, mad dentist, boosted libido, and the great cheese caper, this PI is a true crime magnet. Will Jason hang up his PI hat to take a lucrative job with a drug company, making his wife happy? More importantly, why is someone trying to steal his teeth? And, what, if anything, does this have to do with medical biotechnology?



If you think that a cross-country family trek in an RV is the definition of insanity, you’ll love John and Jacqueline Jessop’s MURDER BY ROAD TRIP. On the way to a California job interview, private investigator Jason Longfellow experiences chronic dental problems, encounters a jewelry-stealing monkey, and enjoys an unexpected boost to his libido. Strangers seem to be obsessed with stealing his teeth, as he faces gunfire in an RV park and a kidnapping on a cabin cruiser. Hop in the RV and join Jason, his wife and daughters on this wild and comic ride!Henry G. Brinton, author of the mystery novel City of Peace

John and Jacqueline Jessop add new meaning to the phrase “road trip” in their sequel to PLEASURIA. Adding just the right amount of laughter, they turn out the perfect recipe for fans of murder mysteries. Bravo!Benjamin H Berkley, Author of Against My Will and In Defense of Guilt.

Future Father-Daughter Blog Posts About the Actual Cross-Country Trip

John co-wrote the book with daughter Jacqueline. In addition to buying the book (you know you want to, you like to laugh and everyone likes a good mystery), keep an eye out for a destination-specific blog series that will provide John and his daughter’s individual perspectives on their once-in-a-lifetime road trip. It should be fun, since we all know that twenty-something daughters always agree with dad:)

Order PLEASURIA: TAKE AS DIRECTED (Koehler Books) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other indie book sellers (ebook $0.99, softcover $8.00).

If you need a good laugh and enjoy a great murder mystery, PLEASURIA: TAKE AS DIRECTED is for you.

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  A Biotech Murder Mystery: What could go wrong in the world of medical biotech while scientists play with your DNA, immune system and cells?

A comedy murder mystery with a unique plot, like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Dr. Jason Longfellow, FDA drug/biotech reviewer and wannabe detective in midlife crisis, with a jealous nurse wife, investigates serial murder in the biotech industry.

What it you found a pill, an antidepressant, with a side effect that would give you a sexual fantasy and/or happy ending, all mental; no need for a partner or any form of self-stimulation? Would you take it? What if the happy endings kept on going, and going, and going…like the energizer bunny. Sound even better? What if it eventually killed you…death by over-happy-ending? Kind of a bummer, huh? 

In PLEASURIA: TAKE AS DIRECTED, P.I. Longfellow’s first case involves a killer who just might have discovered such a pill. (Please note that this is not an FDA approved medication, but you might want to talk to your doctor about it anyhow:)

Buy the book and help P.I. Longfellow solve this bizarre murder mystery with lots of twists and turns, and catch the killer. It’s a great mystery, and if you don’t laugh out loud, you’re probably dead.

Who doesn’t need a good antidepressant once in a while?:)  

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MURDER BY ROAD TRIP: https://amzn.to/2T5uH8X


John J. Jessop was recently interviewed about PLEASURIA: TAKE AS DIRECTED by the Smith Mountain Laker Magazine. To read the Laker Magazine article, go to https://bit.ly/2WJsnrI.

Interview of author of PLEASURIA: Take as Directed.

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