PLEASURIA: Take As Directed


       PLEASURIA: Take As Directed (Koehler Books, Nov. 2018) can be ordered at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other indie book sellers (ebook, softcover, hardcover).

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Little Red Rocket

Serial Killer, or Hot Date?

If you like to laugh, and you enjoy adult comedy, seriously silly sexual situations, PLEASURIA: Take as Directed is for you!

Totally new subgenre of mystery: BIOTECH MURDER MYSTERY

A biotech murder mystery wrapped in comedy, with an MO like nothing you’ve ever seen before…MURDER BY PLEASURE.

A humorous look at what can go wrong with medical biotech development.

Dr. Jason Longfellow, FDA drug/biotech reviewer and bumbling weekend detective, investigates serial murder in the pharmaceutical industry.

An amateur sleuth in midlife crisis, he tries to stay faithful to his wife while solving his first case. One of the suspects is a gorgeous and friendly female. If the perp doesn’t kill him, his wife probably will. 

Men will get it. Women will get a rare look into the juvenile mind of a man in midlife crisis.

Don’t take a date when driving 200 mph.

No mile-high stuff in the cockpit!

John J. Jessop was recently interviewed about PLEASURIA: Take As Directed by the Smith Mountain Laker Magazine. To read the Laker Magazine article, go to https://bit.ly/2WJsnrI.

Interview of author of PLEASURIA: Take as Directed.

Reviews Matter!

If you decide to read the book, PLEASURIA: Take As Directed, would you please visit the following links and write a review for me.

Amazon http://bit.ly/pleasuria

Goodreads https://bit.ly/2ErXIXl 

This will help to increase sales, which would be good because I am donating all of my after-tax profits from the book to two charities for abused children in honor of my younger sister who died when she was only 45. The charities are Holly’s House and Darkness to Light.

If you buy the book from Amazon you can leave a review, and you can also leave a review there if you buy it elsewhere but have an Amazon account. You just go to http://bit.ly/pleasuria and scroll down ’til you see the Customer Reviews where you can add yours!

If you do read the book, and I hope you do, may you laugh a lot. In these troubled times a good laugh might be just the thing you need:)

The book is also available at Book No Further (16 West Marketplace, Church Ave. SW, Downtown Roanoke, VA, 540-206-2505) and Buy the Book (4255 US Hwy 1 South, #3, St. Augustine, FL, 904-797-3388)

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