Meet John J Jessop

Dr. John J Jessop spent 40 years as a pharmacology-toxicology expert working for the pharmaceutical industry (20 years with the FDA and 20 years on the industry side; drug company and the Biologics Consulting Group). In retirement, he has chosen to redirect his knowledge and experience towards the writing of the perfect murder mystery.

He is currently working on two series, a new type of medical comedy murder mystery series he is calling a biotech murder mystery (PLEASURIA: Take as Directed (Koehler Books), and a dark murder mystery series (The GUARDIAN ANGEL series).

The first book in the medical/biotech comedy murder mystery series, ‘PLEASURIA: Take As Directed‘, staged in the pharmaceutical industry, is published by Koehler Books, whose senior editor said the book made him laugh out loud. Dr. Jason Longfellow, a bored FDA drug reviewer in midlife crisis gets a PI license and plays bumbling private eye on weekends. His first case includes several suspects, some attractive and friendly women, a murder weapon that is most unusual, and he wants to quit his day job and do the PI thing full time. He’s in serious danger of his jealous and unhappy wife killing him before he can catch the killer. PLEASURIA is available at bookstores and on Amazon at

COMING IN 2020: The sequel to PLEASURIA: Take as Directed, currently entitled PI Longfellow and the Traveling Killer, will come out this year. This story is based on a month-long cross-country trip that John took with his youngest daughter, Jacqueline (now 25) in July 2016. In this sequel, our amateur sleuth travels across the US with his family, someone is trying to take him out, and his wife can’t decide whether or not to help. John is co-authoring this sequel with his daughter.

Two books in the dark murder mystery series (The GUARDIAN ANGEL series) are available on Amazon and at Book No Further and UpCycled Gifts in Roanoke, VA.

John J Jessop and his wife live full-time in St. Augustine Florida. His favorite things are writing, walks on the beach, driving his Subaru WRX, boating, fishing, playing video games, taking naps, visiting with his two loving daughters and binge watching murder mysteries on Netflix and Hulu.

His favorite authors are Robert B. Parker and J.A. Jance. His youngest daughter, a Media Arts and Design Major from James Madison University currently working for a marketing research firm in NYC, edited his dark murder mysteries and designed the book covers.

CHARITABLE FUNDING: John’s after tax profits from PLEASURIA: TAKE AS DIRECTED will be donated to two charities for abused children, Holly’s House and  Darkness to Light, in honor of his late sister Jackie.