A FISHY TALE Midwest Book Review

Just received a Midwest Book Review for my brand new comedy mystery A FISHY TALE. They liked it!

The book includes the continuing misadventures of the inept PI, Dr. Jason Longfellow, and his nurse wife Chelsea, who fortunately is the real deal, a genuine detective. In this book, the mountain lake appears peaceful, the fish are growing at an alarming rate, and fishermen are disappearing. No worries. Chelsea Longfellow, PI, and Associate are on the case.

The Midwest Book Review said the following:

A Fishy Tale

John J. Jessop


‎978-1735817873                     $11.99 Paperback/$5.99 eBook

Author website: johnjjessop.com

To order the book: https://www.amazon.com/Fishy-Tale-John-J-Jessop/dp/1735817872

A Fishy Tale blends comedy with a murder mystery designed to keep readers both laughing and intrigued. It opens with this wry humor:

“Tod Carlson and his brother Bill, professional fishermen known as the Carlson Brothers, had heard from kinfolk that record-sized fish were being pulled from Smythe Mountain Lake. Tod figured that was why the Blue Ridge Bass and Beer fishing tournament had over two hundred registered participants this April. The Carlson Brothers never missed this tournament, the event’s slogan being If you don’t catch a bass, there’s still plenty of beer.”

Then it probes the murky waters of murder as the trials of a contentious (but affectionate) marriage merge with a move and discovery that keep Dr. Jason Longfellow (PI and amateur sleuth) and nurse wife Chelsea on their toes.

Jason may be a problem-solver, but an adequate boatsman he is not. John J. Jessop displays more humor as Jason attempts to navigate treacherous new waters. Boaters will recognize both the terminology and effort involved in captaining a vessel:

“Jason aimed Luscious between the two front pilons, moving very slowly. This was the first time he had put the boat on the lift. Chelsea heard him counting under his breath, a sign that he was stressed and upset about the near crash. The man in the other boat sat watching. Chelsea put her hand on Jason’s shoulder and squeezed gently. “Jason, you can do this. It’s just like parking a car, only not.”

What do you do when you inherit a fortune? You fulfill your dreams. For Chelsea, this lies in not just making a move, but creating her own business: Chelsea Longfellow, PI, and Associate. Their first case (that of a murderer who is targeting fishermen at night) is a serious one because the future of the Blue Ridge Bass and Beer Tournament is as much at stake as their reputations.

The unexpected blend of boating and fishing experience, murder mystery, and wry inspections of marriage and watery circumstances, with the humor overlay, works very well. These elements create a compelling story that should entertain even readers who do not normally choose comedy or murder mysteries.

A Fishy Tale‘s ability to cross lines of discovery while leading with laughter makes the story engrossing, unpredictable, and fun as the search for a murder suspect embraces a community in turmoil.

Libraries seeking murder mystery reads that lure and capture readers with unpredictable, novel approaches will find A Fishy Tale perfect for recommendation both to those who enjoy exceptional murder tales and others whose interests lie beyond the norm.

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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