Guardian Angel: Indoctrination

Agent Cooper and his merry band of overzealous female law enforcement colleagues are back!

A deranged cult leader kidnaps the sister of Detective Barbara Brannigan, an ex-marine explosives expert with anger issues. Brannigan calls on FBI Agent Don Cooper, and the search is on, leading to a cult dealing in prostitution, guns, illegal drugs, and murder. The victim has vanished, the indoctrination is horrific, and the cult leader is a merciless mystery man with an iron clad alibi, a fondness for snakes and his mother. Cooper and his new roomie Agent Johnson fight for their lives, rookie Agent Fike may, or may not, come to the rescue and Brannigan is determined to find her sister, no matter what it takes.

Guardian Angel: Indoctrination is available on Amazon as an eBook and in paperback. Also available in paperback at BookNoFurther and UpCycled Gifts in Roanoke, VA.


My second adventure with Agent Cooper did not disappoint. It was like visiting old friends. I look forward to my next visit with Deb, Donna and the two Dons.

Good book, sequel to Guardian Angel Unforgiven. Guardian Angel Indoctrination is about a cult that kidnaps young girls. The cult kidnapped a young girl who is a relative to a police officer that has friends in the FBI. FBI gets involved in trying to find the girl which leads to the cult. John does a great job with his description of the characters, very strong women in his books. I really like the way the book ends.