Guardian Angel: Unforgiven

This mystery thriller follows FBI Agent Donald Cooper as he tracks a vicious serial killer. 

The murders: men keep turning up dead, missing critical body parts, killed by exotic toxins and a potential bioterrorism agent

The suspects: an anti-American biochemist from Iran, a world-renowned toxicologist, the head of the Florida State Forensics Lab and her medical examiner boyfriend

The victims: a New York judge visiting Florida, a sheriff, a Virginia mayor, and more

Agent Cooper finds himself in pursuit of a brutal serial killer and potential bioterrorist who randomly murders the victims using exotic toxins and leaves behind bodies with a signature mutilation. Along the way, Cooper encounters the stunning Deputy Deborah Johnson, who becomes his trusted confidant after a night of unbridled passion. Together, they pursue the elusive killer from the Florida Everglades to Western Virginia and beyond.

Guardian Angel: Unforgiven is on sale on Amazon eBooks. Also available at BooksNoFurther and UpCycled Gifts, Roanoke, VA.


“Guardian Angel: Unforgiven” is a treat for fans of murder mysteries. It placed me with Agent Cooper as he followed each twist and turn of the well crafted plot. I feel like I got to know the characters. I anxiously await his return in “Guardian Angel: Indoctrination”. Which I just ordered.

I don’t usually read murder mysteries; however, I enjoyed reading Guardian Angel Unforgiven. This one kept me reading. I liked the main character FBI Agent Don Cooper. It has some unexpected twist especially at the end. I really liked Agent Cooper’s justice. If you like murder mystery you will definitely like this book.