Book Signing and Sale, John J Jessop, SUNSHINE STATE BOOK FESTIVAL

BOOK SIGNING and SALE, JOHN J JESSOP, local St. Augustine author


WHERE: Sunshine State Book Festival, Hilton University of Florida Conference Center, 1714 SW 34th Street, Gainesville, Florida 32607


Writing murder mysteries really gets my creative juices flowing, and comedy murder mysteries are even more fun. I love to make people laugh, especially in these topsy-turvy post-pandemic times. However, marketing my books used to be painful when I only did it online. The good news is that I’ve discovered a much better way to sell my books. That would be in person. Speaking of which, I will have a table at the SUNSHINE STATE BOOK FESTIVAL on Saturday January 27, 10AM-5PM and hope to see you all there. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

I launched my latest book, A FISHY TALE, in downtown St. Augustine on December 1. My wife and I sat up a tent at the Ximenez-Fatio House in downtown St. Augustine for one of the Friday Art Walks and sold A FISHY TALE, along with my other books. Once we got the tent and book displays set up, I actually enjoyed myself. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

It probably didn’t hurt that our tent was situated next to the “Cookie Lady”. The crowd of people surrounding her tent spilled over into mine, and I sold them some books. Hopefully they weren’t confused by the wonderful aromas from Cookie Lady’s tent and thought they were buying cakes and cookies instead of my newest book, A FISHY TALE. Perhaps I should design my next book cover to look like a plate of chocolate chip cookies. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

Anyhow, I found it exciting discussing my murder mysteries with actual readers who stopped by to look at my book exhibit. We sold out of all four of my comedy murder mysteries. I would have been in deep trouble without my wife’s help. She took the money while I dug the books out of the box and signed them. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

She left me alone for a few minutes at one point, and a nice lady came by and asked to purchase all four of my comedy mysteries. I stood there, frozen, trying to figure out how to collect the money while finding and signing the books. The nice lady detected my anxiety and kindly said, “Don’t worry. You can do it. Just take your time.” I appreciated the encouragement, but more importantly, my wife showed up just in time. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

My point is that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting people interested in reading and discussing my books. Many of them also recommended books to me that I will read in the future. It felt great talking with folks as enthusiastic about reading and writing as I am. One fine fellow even suggested that my four comedy murder mysteries would make a great foundation for a TV series or a movie. God bless him. Inspector Clouseau, look out, here comes Dr. Jason Longfellow, PI. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

My comedy murder mysteries are written as standalone books, so you can read them in any order you want. You can try one, and like a potato chip, if you like it, you can go back for more. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

The demographics of the wonderful people who bought my books were interesting. Folks of all ages bought the books, and several bought all four of the comedy mysteries at once. Both men and women purchased them in equal numbers, which surprised me. I didn’t think that many men liked to read. But then, I’m not exactly a genius when it comes to marketing. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

THE REALTOR’S CURSE turned out to be very popular with folks from St. Augustine since it is staged there. I got a kick out of the fact that realtors from all over the country also bought the book. All the real realtors wanted to know why the realtors in the book are so angry. You’ll have to buy it to find out. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

Several avid fishermen bought A FISHY TALE to find out if the killer is man or beast (fish). Keep in mind that book includes a mountain lake, where the fish are growing at an alarming rate, and local fishermen are disappearing. I challenge you to figure out whodunnit in this one. You will be surprised. John J Jessop, Sunshine State Book Festival

I co-wrote MURDER BY ROAD TRIP with my 29-year-old daughter. The book is very loosely based on a cross-country road trip we took together in 2016. Several people were interested in discussing the trip and how we incorporated it into a book with the same characters as the other three comedy murder mysteries.

These books really do come from the wild imagination of John J Jessop (that would be me). My daughter might put it in a less flattering light (“Oh Dad, you’re just a crazy person.”), but she’s not here right now to correct me. 

Which brings me to the point of this article. I am going to sign and sell my books at the SUNSHINE STATE BOOK FESTIVAL in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday January 27. (See 1st paragraph above for location, etc.) I hope to see you there. We could discuss my murder mysteries, any books you might be writing, or anything else of interest to you. I also enjoy sci-fi, although I haven’t tried to write any yet. If you read my previous blog, you know I’m especially fond of AI.

Hopefully, my table will be next to the Cookie Lady again. She really draws in the crowds, and I’m perfectly happy with her overflow. Maybe I should stop at a bakery on the way and pick up some cookies, just in case she’s not there. 

For more on the launch of my new book, A FISHY TALE, go to Try one of my books. If you do, you’ll be back for more. For more on THE SUNSHINE STATE BOOK FESTIVAL go to