I just launched my fourth comedy murder mystery, A FISHY TALE, which makes four humorous murder mysteries featuring that dysfunctional detective, Dr. Jason Longfellow, PI and his resilient nurse wife Chelsea. I am a local St. Augustine author, and to see my press release on the Totallystaugustine website, go to Four Great Comedy Murder Mysteries

Dr. Jason Longfellow, PI and his wife Chelsea are the main characters in these four comedy murder mysteries. These books examine the humorous side of what can go wrong when doctors play around with your DNA. They are staged in the pharmaceutical and medical biotech industries, surprisingly fertile grounds for murder. Four Great Comedy Murder Mysteries 

Jason is a doctor who gets bored working for the government (the FDA), goes a little crazy, and gets his Private Eye (PI) license online. He starts investigating cases part-time. His plan is to eventually change careers and do this full time; it’s much more exciting. But while he’s a good doctor, he’s not a great PI. His nurse wife Chelsea is mad because they have three children, and he doesn’t make any money doing the PI thing. Four Great Comedy Murder Mysteries

In the first book, PLEASURIA: TAKE as DIRECTED, Jason does most of the investigating, ineptly. He eventually catches the killer with a little help from Chelsea. The murders involve a drug side effect that will knock your socks off, and then kill you. Four Great Comedy Murder Mysteries 

In MURDER BY ROAD TRIP, Chelsea has to get more involved in the investigating for two reasons. Jason’s skills as an investigator are seriously lacking, and he’s distracted by someone trying to steal his teeth. The good news, Chelsea discovers she has a knack for this investigating thing. Four Great Comedy Murder Mysteries 

In THE REALTOR’S CURSE, Jason really goes off the rails. The couple travels to Florida to buy an oceanfront condo, and it appears that Florida is trying to kill him. Realtors are angry, and bodies start piling up. Chelsea does most of the investigating in this one and catches the killer in spite of Jason’s antics. He might not be a great detective, but she’s the real deal. Four Great Comedy Murder Mysteries 

In my new release, A FISHY TALE, the couple moves to a mountain lake and opens their own PI firm, Chelsea Longfellow, PI, and Associate (that would be Jason). The fish in the lake are growing at an alarming rate, fishermen are disappearing, and Chelsea and her Associate are on the case. Four Great Comedy Murder Mysteries

Much of the humor in these books comes from the banter between this couple who have been married for twenty years. Chelsea has the upper hand here. Then there’s Jason’s antics, as he tries desperately to prove that he’s a manly man, and a better detective. If you read these books and don’t laugh, you should probably check your pulse. Four Great Comedy Murder Mysteries

Give at least one of the books a try. They are written as standalones, so you can read them in any order you like. It’s kind of like potato chips. If you try one, I’m betting you’ll go back for more. 

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THE REALTOR’S CURSE is staged in St. Augustine, Florida, and appears to be especially popular with Florida realtors. HAPPY READING!