9-11: Let Love Be Stronger Than Hate

September 11 is a tragic day for sure, as all those innocent people were murdered by men who hated the USA.

There still seems to be so much hate in the world, and in our own country today.

However, I have my own personal reason for mourning on this day. On September 11, 2002, my baby sister died at the young age of 45. She suffered abuse as a child, grew into a strong, awesome young woman and loving mother, raised a beautiful family, and then was taken from us by a freakish infection that went into sepsis.

I know that she’s with God, but I still love her and miss her very much. She was such a loving person, in spite of the pain she suffered as a child. Remembering her gives me hope, because she is a testament to the fact that love is infinitely stronger than hate.